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20. England.

*sighs quietly about hockey*




i love when dogs sigh. its like, hey bud, long day at the office?

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    i have spent both yesterday and today sanding the kitchen/dining room open-plan huge room thing that i now hate because it’s too big to have wooden floors that need things done to them. plus i have just finished the first coat of varnish. woop. only four more coats to go. 


        Tribute to the Montreal Canadiens


        it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my seat wide-eyed whispering like “what’s gonna happen are they gonna fall in love” to myself like of course they are you fucking idiot this happens EVERY TIME but as soon as i see the description and it’s like “x person and x person pretend to do the dating” it’s eternal sunshine of the stupidest fucking mind over here



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          aha, yes, i’ve found that my crunches are sometimes (*coughs* all the time *coughs*) turning into watching under armour adverts (for ~inspiration~ ofc). 

          THAT IS SO TRUE. Oh gosh, that sounds horrendous. I think “lie there and whine” pauses are essential pauses for anyone trying to do exercise. (When I’m really uninspired, I like to imagine hockey players flopped on the floor whining as well, and then I can tell myself to do better). 

          THE BESTEST STRATEGY. (Also, I’ve managed to convince my mum to join me in GETTING ABS, so now I have someone to whine with - but also someone to hold my toes down during crunches ha) 

          Early mornings ack. I am wishing you all the luck because mornings suck. I agree that being up and awake early makes things seem more productive, though - even if I am highly suspicious of this morning birdsong thing ;) 

          (babyyyyyyy! a little j.b. along the edge of an ab bc “I’m dedicating my super-fit body to you, Jamie! Because I love you! It’s like I’m a book!”)

          SO HEALTHY you could even add fudge and a ton of sugar AND THEY WOULD STILL BE SUPER-HEALTHY :D  

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                girls don’t like boys. girls like dresses with pockets and guardians of the galaxy




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                  oh gosh, same. if i can work out on my floor at home, that’s much better. i managed like, 5 leg raises and 5 crunches today (probably executed very badly) and almost cried. i’m not speaking to my abs rn, they’ve failed me. 

                  oooh, that looks good too. i might have to think about it once i’ve done this one (*weeps* i’m missing my cardio already) 

                  I AM SO IMPRESSED <33 I’m looking to the future and hoping that one day I TOO CAN DO 5 CRUNCHES WITHOUT CRYING. But yes, omg, that’s a really good thing, I reckon. bc i can already feel my resolve crumbling - so i am gonna make it become a habit hehe 

                  (He would be soooo saaad. Poor Jamie, thinking Tyler has immortalised their love, when really it’s just that he loves his abs more than Jamie). 

                  WIN ALL THE THINGS. (they totally do - i am encouraging nutella muffins! they sound awesome. yoghurt = healthy all the way haha) 

                    completed the first day of the 30 day ab challenge and i think leg raises are going to break me omg